We are now installing AC in the M35A2 deuce.  You can get an AC only unit installed,
Or for those of you that don’t have factory heat in your M35 we can also install a unit
that is equipped with heat. A defroster option is also available with the heat and Ac unit

Now selling complete 24 volt kits for those who would like to install A/C on your M35a2 Deuce.
Fabrication is required (welding, and hose crimping)
Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
$1450 plus S$H W/heater $1500

Installed Pricing:
AC installed without factory M35 heater $1875

AC installed with M35 factory heater $2000
**Factory diffuser, controls and ducting have to be moved as pictured below**

AC/heater combo unit  installed $1950

AC/Heater/Defrost unit installed $ 2100

Remote control panel  add $ 75

*Installation does not include applicable sales tax*

Click pictures for better view.  Email or Call for more information.

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