Auction Plus
Core Charge Policy
A core charge is a refundable deposit for the value of a re-buildable part.
On many products sold by Auction Plus, we need to charge a core charge at the time of the sale.
Items such as turbochargers, injection pumps,injectors, etc. typically require a core charge.
All cores must be returned to Auction Plus within 15 days of receipt. The customer is responsible for all
return shipping charges. Please ship all parts to the address listed below.
Upon the receipt of a core, Auction Plus will determine the condition of
the core and refund all, part, or none of the core based on the condition.
Any damages or excessive wear may result in a deduction of the core refund.
To receive full core credit the core must be re-buildable, and of same make and, model year that the product was
purchased for.
Please return all cores within 15 days of receipt to:
Auction Plus
4810 North Highway 183
Liberty, Hill Texas 78642
Prices are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Auction Plus.  
Availability of  Parts varies. Items listed for sale may not be in stock.
15% Restocking fee may apply.   
Shipping and handling costs are NOT included in the price of any items we sell.