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Email Us at: This page is under construction! More Pictures will be coming soon… Click on pictures to enlarge… 20200502_163245.jpg This is where it all starts. You take an old truck and strip it down, then build it back the way you want with whatever Features you want. This particular truck is going to be a 4-Door, 4X4 with a 5.9L Cummins, Allison Automatic, A/C and Heat, Power Steering, Air Ride Bucket Seats and a Full 12VDC Conversion. 20200822_131847.jpg 20201114_092103.jpg 20201121_095727.jpg 20201121_095740.jpg 20201121_135601.jpg 20210107_122641.jpg 20210107_122649.jpg 20210109_162317.jpg 20210116_153829.jpg 20210116_153845.jpg 20210123_081557.jpg 20210123_093050.jpg 20210209_130711.jpg 20210306_083150.jpg 20210306_083238.jpg 20210313_113704.jpg 20210323_113801.jpg 20210612_092855.jpg 20210327_135121.jpg 20210612_092931.jpg 20210713_105835.jpg 20210713_105734.jpg 20210713_105830.jpg 20210803_131427.jpg 20210803_131500.jpg