Back Home Hummer Parts Humvee seat Kits $700.00 ea.  Sold out Complete kit to upgrade  the driver, and commanders seats.  Includes instructions, and mounting hardware. Individual Humvee Seat $150.00 ea sold out Humvee mechanics hard tops. $1500-$5000 each  depending on condition.  Can be configured for two or four man applications  with removable panels. CDR Valves $20.00 H-1 Optimizer turbocharger system Includes turbo, intake, and exhaust manifolds Only 2 in stock $1000.00 each Aluminum 2 piece Runflat insert for H-1 wheel $50.00 Limited quantity Hummer Radiators, Reconditioned - $375 Including Core 20191102_082838.jpg 20191102_082821.jpg 20191221_092701.jpg

Hummer Canvas Doors

$175 each - We have both L&R

Front and Rear.